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PDO threads available at NCMC located in Niagara Falls, ON.

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What is a PDO thread?

PDO thread is a sterile synthetic absorbable suture made of Polydioxanone material. It is a biodegradable, bioabsorbable material and antimicrobial filament. it absorbs within 4-12 months.

How does PDO work ?

This multidirectional barb PDO thread is used as explicitly approved by Health Canada for smooth tissue approximation and/or wound closure. 

Then when applied strategically in the subdermal plane with the intent of approximation to a fixed area it will result in tightening & elevation or lifting. As with all wound healing there is angiogenesis, new collagen & elastin formation. This maintains the tissue in that new fixed position while the PDO thread dissolves within 6 months leaving the collagen tissue supporting the facial tissue.

How is PDO different from Silhouette thread?

PDO comes in various forms:

Lifting threads: The cog thread or barbed threads come in 20mm, 60 & 100 mm in length. It is used for approximate tissue. The various lengths allow use in areas where you cannot use the Silhouette thread e.g.
under the eye, in the forehead  & lateral brow lift. The barbs initiate the collagen production surrounding the thread as they dissolve thus maintaining the targeted lift.

Smooth PDO Mono threads: that can be used in a stacking linear technique or cross-hatching technique
forming a mesh. This activates collagen synthesis in small areas like between. These are used to tighten areas & rejuvenate collagen in saggy necks, marionettes, foreheads, under eyes & many other areas.

Embossing /screw threads: They have 1-2 intertwined threads allowing regrowth of tissue between the grooves. It is used for larger areas to create volume in lips, smokers’ lines, marionette lines, and glabella.

Biomesh Threads: Biomesh PDO thread contains 8 threads embedded in one cannula. therefore it provides more volume and contouring rather than lifting. It can be used as an alternative to filler or in addition. Biomesh is suitable for nasolabial folds, cheekbone, jawline, or brow line.

Who is a good candidate?

  • Patients over 20 YO Majority of patients between 30-50 YO with mild to moderate sagging .
  • No prior plastic surgery in the area as prior scarring impairs tissue mobility.
  • Patients with reasonable skin thickness . Those with too thin skin are not suitable candidates.
  • No current skin infection like cold sore, dermatitis rash etc
  • No systemic infection ie URTI etc
  • No autoimmune disorder, neurofibromatosis
  • No local non absorbable implant .
  • Not currently on blood thinners or steroids.
  • Prior dermal filler or neurotoxins has to be at least two weeks prior.
  • No history of allergy to local anesthetics or suture materials.
  • No history of Keloid.
  • Not currently pregnant
  • Other relative contraindications:
  • Current pregnancy.
  • No current activity in chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or steroid use.
  • Hep B, C & HIV
  • No Chronic use of NSAID (self-defeating to the healing mechanism)

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