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PDO threads available at NCMC located in Niagara Falls, ON.

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What is a PDO thread?

PDO thread is a sterile synthetic absorbable suture made of Polydioxanone material. It is biodegradable,
bioabsorbable material and antimicrobial filament. it absorbs within 4-12 months.

How does PDO work ?

PDO provides subtle lifting & tightening by stimulating the synthesis of collagen & elastin. This produces
a natural tightening effect. It also enhances angiogenesis, hence the healthier epidermis . The
multidirectional barbs allow three dimensional collagen formation.

How is PDO different from Silhouette thread?

PDO comes in various forms:

Lifting threads: The cog thread or barbed threads comes in 20mm, 60 & 100 mm in length. It is used for lifting tissue . The various lengths allow use in areas where you cannot use the Silhouette thread e.g.
under the eye, in the forehead  & lateral brow lift. The barbs initiate the collagen production surrounding the thread as they dissolve thus maintaining the targeted lift.

Smooth PDO Mono threads: that can be used in a stacking linear technique or cross hatching technique
forming a mesh. This activates collagen synthesis in small areas like between. These are used to tighten areas & to rejuvenate collagen in saggy neck, marionette, forehead, under eyes & many other areas .

Embossing /screw threads: They have 1-2 intertwined threads allowing regrowth of tissue between the grooves. It is used for larger areas to create volume in lips, smokers lines, marionette lines and glabella.

Biomesh Threads: Biomesh PDO thread contains 8 threads embedded in one cannula . therefore it provides more volume and contouring rather than lifting . It can be used as an alternative to filler or in addition. Biomesh is suitable for nasolabial folds, cheekbone, jawline or brow line.

Who is a good candidate?

  • Patients over 20 YO Majority of patients between 30-50 YO with mild to moderate sagging .
  • No prior plastic surgery in the area as prior scarring impairs tissue mobility.
  • Patients with reasonable skin thickness . Those with too thin skin are not suitable candidates.
  • No current skin infection like cold sore, dermatitis rash etc
  • No systemic infection ie URTI etc
  • No autoimmune disorder, neurofibromatosis
  • No local non absorbable implant .
  • Not currently on blood thinners or steroids.
  • Prior dermal filler or neurotoxins has to be at least two weeks prior.
  • No history of allergy to local anesthetics or suture materials.
  • History of Keloid .
  • Other relative contraindications:
  • Current pregnancy.
  • Current active chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or steroid
  • Hep B, C & HIV
  • Chronic use of NSAID (self-defeating to the healing mechanism)

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