Laboratory-based exosome studies demonstrate enhanced outcomes in skin rejuvenation, scar revision, hair restoration, and fat graft survival on the macro and micro levels.

European Manufactured Exosomes

Purasomes is a combination of 20 Billion Exosomes in their purest form and 20 most potent Growth Factors, derived from bovine colostrum, manufactured in Italy. Purasomes are capable of resetting cellular activity and enhancing cellular regeneration at its highest performance level. Natural, powerful, safe. They are basically messengers that convey RNA information. These Purasomes are added to any skin treatment that add microchannels. Hence we use it with scalp microneedling to enhance hair growth. It is also used with other microneedling or laser skin resurfacing either to eliminate unwanted pigmentation, to expedite healing & to add vibrancy.


Nano vesicles carry cell-specific cargo of lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins such as cytokines and growth factors, amplifying skin penetration. Test results demonstrated that exosomes delay the aging process by facilitating intracellular communication through the paracrine effect and play an important role in remodeling the extracellular matrix.

Growth factors

Naturally occurring proteins responsible for cellular proliferation stimulation, inflammation modulation, angiogenesis, and cellular bioactivity support. Growth Factors regulate the growth, maturation, function, and repair of bone, muscle, connective, cartilage, nervous, and skin tissues.


Skin Complexion

Skin Glow Complex Purasomes SGC100+ contains unique skin-friendly synergistic combinations, brightening agents, and major antioxidants resulting in rebuilding flawless skin complexion.

– 200 mg Growth Factors

– 20 billion Exosomes

– 50mg of HMW HA (1100-1400kDA)

– 50mg of LMW HA (80-100kDa)

– Lumina Granatum seed stem cell

– Concentrated Stable Vitamin C derivative

– Antioxidants

– Peptides


Melanin Synthesis and Melano transport inhibition. Significant decrease of pigment formation. Reduction of Melanophillin production. This is used in treatment of abnormal unwanted pigmentation including melasma & solar lentigeni.


Revitalizing skin for radiance and vitality. Enhancing skin brightening and skin luminosity. Preventing free radicals.


Creates a long-lasting protective barrier and strong antioxidant effect against sun radiation.

Enriched by stem cells of the pomegranate, harvested in the middle of its ripening to obtain the substances that control pigmentation and production of antioxidants to achieve its peak brightening potential.

Skin Nutri Complex


PurasomesNC 150+ NutriCo

mplex was designed to re-architecture “tired” skin by powerful cell reprogramming and amplifying cellular performance to the level of younger age.

– 200 mg Growth Factors

– 20 billion Exosomes

– 75mg of HMW HA (1100-1400kDA)

– 75mg of LMW HA (80-100kDa)


– 23 Amino Acids -10 Vitamins -6 Co Enzymes

– Reducing Agents


Works on mature, dry, distressed, and chronological or photo-damaged aged skin by drastically amplifying cellular performance.


Repairs deepest layers of skin, supports collagen formation and maintains skin firmness and elasticity.


Deeply nourishing and replenishing. Enhanced penetration ability, Promotes angiogenesis and new tissue formation.


Determines new skin quality, and creates long-term resilient skin framework. Defined contour, firmer skin.

22% Skin thickness improvement in 4 weeks

34% Skin brightness improvement

14% Hydration improvement in 2 weeks

23% Elasticity improvement 4 weeks

Eight proven benefits of NC150 in anti-aging therapy:

• Active regeneration of skin damage. The synergistic effects of the nourishing ingredients and hyaluronic acid improve the healing process of skin damage and accelerate cell renewal.

• Active moisturizing. Extrinsic hyaluronic acid has significant hygroscopic properties – it fills the space between collagen fibers of the cellular matrix, reducing water loss.

• Improvement of the skin tone. Hyaluronic acid stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, which makes the skin better oxygenated, healthy, and bright.

• Restoration of ionic balance. Restores ionic balance in the cells, providing correct protein synthesis of the dermis.

• Stimulation of cell growth. Stimulates reproduction of the new and aging human fibroblasts which fosters cell renewal.

• Increase of dermis density. Stimulates synthesis of the main components of the extracellular matrix.

• Cellular protection. Reduce the production of harmful to the skin free radicals.

• Viscoelastic regeneration. Affects the gene of the elastase inhibitor and influences restoration of the cell flexibility.

Hair & Scalp Complex


Loaded with bioactive elements, targets hair follicles directly with extreme precision. Designed to stop hair loss, support epigenetic reset of hair bulb, recharge hair follicles, and reactivate their normal functioning.


Resets strength of dermal papilla, stops hair loss.


Hair restructuring & reinforcement. Remodels hair follicle’s microenvironment.


Restores hair growth synchrony. Regulates hair formation and growth cycles.


Determines the quality of new hair. Healthy, hydrated scalp. Stronger, denser, thicker hair.

– 200 mg Growth Factors

– 20 billion Exosomes

– 25mg HMW HA ( 1100-1400kDA )

– 25mg LMW HA ( 80-100kDA)

– 7 peptides

– 8 Vitamins

– Phyto-PeptidicFractions

177% Proliferation Index increase in 48 H

115% IGF1 production increase in 24 H

500% miRNA-31 expression Increase


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