Induced Lactation

Induced lactation has been described as the process of breast milk production in a woman without recent pregnancy and/or birth.

Induced Lactation

What is Induced Lactation?

Induced Lactation is a complicated process that takes dedication. With the use of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and the use of a breast pump, adoptive mothers can start to produce breast milk.  The breast milk produced is equal in quality and nutrient value to the milk of a woman who births an infant. Supply may be lower, and the infant will need to be supplemented with donor milk or formula.

How is therapy initiated?

After a comprehensive health history and blood work, and consultation about the process of inducing lactation, a care plan will be developed specifically for you. A specialized pharmacy compounds the hormones into doses specific to you. The hormones can be in the form of creams, pills, troches, or in some cases injections. After therapy is started, follow-up appointments are completed to review progress and adjust the hormones so that you achieve optimal results.


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