New Creation incorporates cutting edge technology into our comprehensive treatments. We’re proud to feature the Excel V™ Cutera® laser system that utilizes a high-power laser that delivers targeted pulses to repair existing skin conditions and blemishes. Clients and patients have experienced impressive results from this non-surgical technology.

Cutera® Excel V™ treats vascular skin conditions like Rosacea, spider veins, varicose veins, pigmented lesions, sun spots, and an array of other prevalent skin conditions. A high-powered green laser targets abnormal blood capillaries and pigment in your skin, bringing your skin to its previous luster in many cases.

How it works

Cutera® Excel V™ administers a high frequency, concentrated, precise laser to blood vessels that cause excessive redness and flushing, even areas of abrasion or lesion. The laser heats the abnormal vessels until they disintegrate and become absorbed by your body’s own natural processes.

Benefits of Cutera® Excel V™

The Cutera® Excel V™ is an award-winning apparatus that offers the only tunable laser system on the laser therapy market, combining two ultra-precise, class-leading laser wavelengths in one, single device.

The Cutera® Excel V™ delivers unmatched precision and adjustability, making it the perfect instrument to deliver laser therapy precisely and effectively to your skin’s problem areas. Both short and intense pulses can be used to treat both shallow, superficial blemishes as well as deeper pigmented vascular lesions. Cutera® Excel V™ can deliver customized laser spot sizes in order to precisely attack smaller areas, and a wider spectrum laser in order to treat larger areas quicker than other lasers.

Cutera® is the best in laser technology and the Cutera® Excel V™ is the best the brand has to offer. New Creation specializes in treating a wide swath of skin conditions in order to help you achieve a brighter, happier version of you.

Contact our offices today to schedule your initial consultation. We’ll assess and discuss your aesthetic enhancement ambitions and determine the best course of treatment for you. You’ll be amazed at what the Cutera® Excel V™ can accomplish.