Laser Tattoo Removal & The Enlighten

Enlighten uses picosecond duration pulses, the biggest advancement in laser technology in the past 20 years. Each pulse lasts only a trillionth of a second, delivering powerful energy to the ink while minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue. Ink particles are shattered into a fine mist, allowing your body’s immune system to process it out naturally. Picosecond lasers have been proven to remove tattoos faster and more effectively than traditional treatments.

Unlike some platforms, Enlighten can be safely used on any skin type. With dynamic fluence, spot size, and light frequencies, the treatment can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We can treat all of the most popular tattoo colors, including black, dark blue, red, brown, yellow, and orange.

PICO Genesis

Pigments can be removed by breaking them down using concentrated laser light. Because different skin types and different pigments require different wavelengths, PICO Genesis takes advantage of both pico and nano-technology, a dual wavelength system (532 nm and 1064 nm) and different pulse rates. The system even allows the technician to customize the laser on the fly, allowing them to alter the laser during the treatment.

Benefits of the Cutera Enlighten System

Technicians using the Enlighten laser system offer a variety of benefits that stand out from other systems and treatments.

Relatively painless. Most describe the sensation as no worse than the snap of a rubber band.
Gentle treatment. Enlighten uses a cooler laser than most systems, cutting down on recovery time and making the treatment accessible for those with more sensitive skin.
Highly effective. The system can be customized easily for different forms of hyperpigmentation

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