Comprehensive Facial Vein Treatments in St. Catharines, Ontario

Do you have noticeable veins on or around your nose and cheeks? New Creation MediCosmetic Centre can help remove unwanted blood vessels and broken down capillaries that are plaguing your skin.

Why Spider Veins?

People often refer to broken capillaries as “spider veins” because these broken capillaries will often begin in a single area and spread outwards, much like a spiderweb. Spider veins are often close to the skin’s surface and are characterized by a red or bluish color. Facial veins are more common than you think.

The Sun Can’t Save You

Many people resort to long hours in the sun or hitting the tanning beds in order to disguise their facial veins. We caution our patients against this, because research has shown a link between tanning and collagen breakdown. Too much sun (real or artificial) can promote premature aging and lead to skin cancer, so be careful.

Non-invasive Treatment

New Creation can make your unwanted facial veins and spider veins disappear. Enhance your outer beauty without the use of surgery. No painful injections. No time under the blade. We use advanced Cutera® CoolGlide technology to treat red and blue veins both surface level and deeper.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutera® CoolGlide delivers concentrated pulses of light energy which forces the blood in the veins of your affected area to coagulate, destroying the vessel itself. The vessel is later absorbed naturally by your own body. CoolGlide technology combines ideal laser wavelengths with the most elastic parameters to provide flexible treatment options. CoolGlide effectively treats a wide variety of blood vessels, ranging from tiny red spider veins to deep blue reticular veins.

Your Complimentary Consultation

New Creation MediCosmetic Centre is here to help you achieve the greatest version of you. We can help you reduce or eliminate spider veins in the fastest, safest, most comfortable way possible. Contact us today and we’ll schedule your initial consultation in order to assess your aesthetic enhancement goals.