What are hyaluronic acid fillers?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance found in every living organism. It provides a healthy connective tissue that supports all our vital organs, including the skin, the largest organ in the body. We lose about 3% of our connective support annually. As our surface skin deteriorates, so does our supportive structure, which deflates and descends.

This has a number of effects:

The hollowing of the tear trough
Dark circles under the eyes
Flattening and sunken cheeks
Loss of brow/forehead
Sunken temples
Inverted lips and loss of volume
Deep static lines
Deep marionette / nasolabial folds
Mental creasing
Sagging jaw lines
And dry looking, wrinkled hands

How do hyaluronic acid dermal fillers work, and are they safe?

JUVÉDERM® is a biodegradable, non-animal hyaluronic acid that replenishes volume that has been lost in a safe and effective way. This is in contrast to surgical lifts, which do not restore the subcutaneous volume loss, and have significant downtime. Scars left by surgical lifts betray your secret, and are not natural. Other techniques like fat harvesting are not predictable and not instant.

With permanent fillers, as the name implies, you have to live with what you get. Nothing short of surgery can reverse an undesired effect. They are also fraught with late-onset adverse effects, including unsightly nodules.

Advanced injection techniques can achieve significant results on facial expressions, both at rest and with dynamic movement. Dr. Kelada-Sedra has strived to enhance her training in MD codes to achieve best results using the myomodulation, advanced technique. Read more…

Evidence-Based Medicine

Most of cosmetic medicine comes from sound medical practice. Hyaluronic acid fillers have long been used in orthopaedic medicine to provide cushioning of the joints where cartilage has been eroded over time.

Reclaim the original masterpiece!

At New Creation MediCosmetic Centre, Dr. Kelada-Sedra artistically injects the JUVÉDERM® safely to restore the volume that has been lost. You immediately see the dramatic effects in the mirror. Your appearance is reclaimed as the hollowness is replenished, the deep lines soften and the fine lines disappear. You face is recontoured, nose and brow redefined. Not only this, but while injecting the temporal hollow, you raise the brow and the angle of the mouth through myomodulation concepts.

In addition to JUVÉDERM®, other hyaluronic acid injectable fillers used include: BELOTERO®, STYLAGE®, and EMERVEL®. Non-hyaluronic acid fillers (implants) used include Radiesse® and collagen-forming Sculptra®.

Wow! What a masterpiece you are! As hyaluronic acid absorbs the water in the surrounding tissue, you are refreshed, replenished and enhanced to your healthy, rested and natural self.

Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul

Each patient is a work of art, and that is never more clear than in the eyes. The New Creation team brings all its skills to enhance the natural, healthy and rested look of each unique pair.

“As a physician, I see the loss of eyelash length, density and colour – due to aging, illness or trauma. It’s the loss of elasticity, fat and bone mass that causes wrinkles, sunken sockets and dark circles,” says Dr. Kelada-Sedra. “All that can be restored.” New Creation rejuvenates each patient’s face through a network of treatments:

• BOTOX®: Raises the brow line, smooths forehead wrinkles, softens frown lines and crows feet.
• Fillers: Contour the brow line and temporal area, also lessen dark circles and fill in the volume loss of the
tear troughs and cheeks through fillers that specifically stimulates collagen formation. Soft Lift combines BOTOX® and fillers to give a subtle lift that rejuvenates the
whole face.
• LATISSE® is a daily treatment that leads to fuller, darker, longer lashes.
Glo Skin Beauty Makeup helps to redefine your eyebrows, lash lines and eye shadow.

By combining forces, the New Creation team can restore the youthful spark that makes each pair of eyes a window to the unique individual.

What is soft lift?

Dr. Kelada-Sedra skillfully combines the effects of the dermal filler, JUVÉDERM® with BOTOX® Cosmetic to lift the brow, relax your forehead and eyes, and restore your lip line. The result is a non-surgical facelift that gives you a natural, healthy, rested appearance with no downtime.

How is it administered?

JUVÉDERM® is administered by deep injections into carefully selected sites, tunneled under the deep subcutaneous tissue with a cannula, or injected in a more superficial level. Sometimes, it’s injected deeper to the muscles to enhance the muscle effect or superficial to the muscle to weaken the muscle effect. The bruisese and adverse effects are minimal in Dr. Kelada-Sedra’s safe and experienced hands.

How long does it last?

JUVÉDERM® can last longer than 18 months to 3 years depending on multiple factors:
• The amount of the product used.
• The depth of administration – deep to bone or superficial.
• How it is administered – bolus or linear.

If it is administered sparingly, you cannot expect it to last long. Deep bolus injection provides the building block upon which deep subcutaneous and superficial linear injections are administered. Much like haircuts, the latter technique requires maintenance. So, to say it lasts 18 months is an underestimation. The bolus is a long-lasting foundation that continues to stimulate connective tissue formation.