Bio Sun ® is a unique facial rejuvenation procedure that elevates sagging facial skin without the need for surgery, scars, or general anesthesia. It is a simple, in-office procedure to re-contour the face of your patients by elevating the deeper layers of the skin. Meanwhile, it continues to enhance connective tissue formation. FDA Approved and Health Canada Pending

What are PDO Threads?

The PDO Thread Lift treatment lifts and tightens sagging skin tissue, using threads made of Polydixanone (PDO). PDO threads are absorbable, antimicrobial filaments. They are made of strong filament fiber, consisting of a few twisted fiber threads, which naturally dissolves after 6-8 months.

The threads integrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Original thread lifts involved invasive procedures with undissolvable products and consequently became associated with undesirable side effects such as infections and thread breakage. However, the thread lift procedure has radically improved over the last decade. Thread lift procedures are non-invasive, temporary, and use high quality products. The PDO thread lift is amongst the most popular today. Threads are made in South Korea, and are one of the most commonly performed skin lifting procedures globally. FDA Approved and Health Canada Pending


About the Procedure

PDO thread lifts are minimally invasive procedures which have three effects on the skin:

  1. Instant skin lifting

  2. Cellular renewal

  3. Skin tightening

After numbing and infusion of anesthesia, the PDO threads are inserted via sharp or blunt tip needles (called cannulas) into different layers of the skin. Once inserted, the threads anchor the skin and lift it upwards. The excess threads are then removed.

Depending on the areas treated, the procedure takes on average around 15-30 minutes. There may be some discomfort during the procedure, but because of the advances in technology, patients are experiencing less and less pain. The advantage of a thread lift is that it offers a combination of quick recovery, affordability, durability, and great results. The procedure is suitable for most people above 25 years of age, when the effects of ageing become apparent.

The lift procedure uses barbed threads and produces immediate results. The PDO sutures have “barbs” which provide grip underneath the skin. Sutures are inserted the same way as the mesh technique, however they can be pulled in two directions, creating instant results. Similar to the mesh procedure, this technique also encourages natural collagen production.

The Advantages

PDO threads are made of a material that is often used for surgical sutures. PDO threads are biocompatible and generally have stronger lifting capabilities compared to Silhouette Soft and alternative threads. PDO threads’ strong lifting capabilities are often used to lift heavier skin to provide a longer, sustainable lift. PDO threads are also known to generate healthier looking skin compared to other threads available on the market.


Selective inflammatory response is the principle behind many aesthetic procedures including fractional laser treatments, chemical peels, and microneedling procedures. While we see an instant lift, thread lifts also enjoy the benefits of this natural process, as the PDO threads encourage natural collagen production.

Look Younger
Lunchtime Treatment
Restoring the V-Shape

Recommended Treatment Areas


Under-eye area


Crow’s Feet (wrinkles around eyes)

Wrinkles around mouth


Nasolabial folds

Nasojugal folds

Jaw Line




Upper Arms

Bat Wings

Breast Lift

Tummy Tuck

Butt Lift

Thigh Lift

Knee Lift