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Belkyra is an innovative treatment to redefine chin profile in patients with mild to moderate fullness under the chin commonly referred to the as double chin. It is not designed to treat severe double chin where liposuction is a more efficient option. Neither is it meant to treat sagging skin commonly referred to as turkey neck or goose neck. Again this better addressed by surgery “neck lift.”
Other skin tightening procedures are often combined to target saggy jowls and sides of the neck for further definition of chin and jawline. With our newly added TruSculpt iD, we can achieve stunning results combining both fat dissolving technologies.

Belkyra is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the human body as part of the digestive system. While this acid generally aids in the body’s digestive processes, it also has a secondary benefit, which is its ability to break down fat cell membranes. A Belkyra injection specifically targets submental fat, which is that located under the chin. Belkyra breaks down the cell membranes of the submental fat cells, which allows the fat to be absorbed and then naturally eliminated from the body through natural processes. A cell that is destroyed does not regenerate; in other words, the effect is permanent. Often one requires more than one treatment session and it is offered at monthly intervals.

The result of this non-invasive procedure is a leaner, redefined jawline. The recovery process following the procedure is generally quick, with mild swelling and redness often gone within few days. Aesthetic medicine focuses on providing the patient with their desired outcomes while also staying within the bounds of medical safety and keeping in mind the patient’s welfare. By using an acid found naturally in the body, Belkyra meets this standard by using natural substances to bring about change in appearance.

This procedure is not designed for everyone with a double neck. Patients with prior surgery in the neck & other medical conditions are excluded from this treatment.

For more information on how Belkyra can help rid you of that double chin, contact our offices to set up a consultation today.